Monday, December 28, 2009

011 - No Joe

As we wind down the last week, of the last year, of the first decade, of the (not so new anymore) millennium, this Joe would like to reflect on those named Joe, Joseph, Jose, Joey, etc., who are no longer with us.

Since the infamous Y2K, we have lost many - far too many to name but here is an abridged list of some that I found worthy of mention:

Joseph Ransohoff - father of modern neurosurgery
Joey Ramone - punk musician and singer - The Ramones
Yousuf Karsh - portrait photographer
Joseph Barbera - cartoonist
Joel Siegel - film critic
Joey Bishop - entertainer - The Rat Pack

In 2009, we lost the famous sons of a Joe and a late Joe - The King of Pop, Michael Jackson and The Lion of the Senate, Senator Edward Kennedy, respectively.

We lost a music man - Joe Cuba - considered by many to be the "Father of Latin Boogaloo".

We lost someone who penned letters for a president - Joseph Lester "Jody" Powell, Jr. was President Jimmy Carter's White House Press Secretary.

We lost someone who did a different type of lettering for a different type of American icon. Joe Rosen was a comic book letterer responsible for titles such as Captain America, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, and many others

We lost a sportsman. Brazilian soccer goalkeeper Jose Carlos da Costa Araujo was best known as Ze Carlos. He played for the national team that brought the 1990 FIFA World Cup home to Brazil.

Last, but not least, we lost wise men - more specifically a Weisman and a Wiseman.
Dr. Joel D. Weisman was a Los Angeles doctor credited with being one of the first to detect AIDS and became a national advocate for AIDS research.

Joseph Wiseman was an actor best known for his role in the first James Bond film - "Dr. No."

This Joe bids farewell to all the Joe's and non Joe's that have passed. This Joe also thanks the ten Joe's that have made this photoblog possible. This Joe also thanks you, the readers, for your continued interest. Look for more about Joe, Joseph, Jose, Joey, and others in the new year/decade. Happy New Year!

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