Monday, October 19, 2009

001 - Joe Human(n)

Joe the Plumber. Joe Camel. Joe Millionaire. Average Joe. These are just a few of the Joe's that pop culture and reality television have popularized in recent years. Joe is such a common name and nickname. Even the Vice President of the United States is named Joe.

Welcome to Joseph Silva's Joe PhotoBlog. Each week, this Joe, will feature a different human named Joe, Joseph, Jose, Joey, Joel, etc., and what better human to launch it than Joe Humann.

Joe Humann was born in Suffern, New York. He holds a Master's Degree in Building Conservation from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology (with a Minor in Anthropology) from Stony Brook University. Joe, a separated, father of one, currently lives in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

By day, the button down shirts this, 39 year old, Architectural Conservator wears, cover the five tattoos that adorn his body. Among the tattoos are: two nautical stars on his triceps; his son Jared's name on his right forearm; a skull and wings on his left forearm; and a portrait of George Tilyou, the founder of the Steeplechase Pier and "father" of Coney Island on his upper back.

Though all the tattoos were inked by professionals, one of them, received help from a special artist "Jared, my son, filled in the eye in the skull - a 6 year old tattoo artist." Two of the other tattoos also hold a significance to Joe's only child, and a passion they both share - Coney Island. The George Tilyou portrait is obvious but the "Jared" tattoo was inked at Coney Island, a place that Joe and Jared go as often as possible.

Besides Coney Island, Joe loves motorcycles. His latest "toy" is a KTM 530 EXC enduro bike. When I asked Joe about it, he said: "I traded my Harley for it. Most Harley fans think its nuts but this bike is so much fun in NYC. I ride Brooklyn Motocross, as I call it. Cobble stone streets of Red Hook, abandoned buildings along the waterfront of Red Hook, Floyd Bennett Field...its a urban assault dirt bike....maybe you can meet me one day and shoot me and the bike through the building back lit from light coming off the waterfront....its so fucking amazing..." This Joe is definitely going to take Joe up on his invitation.

As an avid reader, who says "give me non-fiction and I'll be happy," I was surprised to learn that "Lonely Planet - Guide to Spain" was the last book Joe read. It does not exactly fit in with his other favorite authors which include; Franz Kafka, John Steinbeck, Kurt Vonnegut; and Sara E. Wermeil. Of course, it made sense when I learned that Joe has rented a villa in Andalucia so his family can join him in celebrating his 40th birthday in January.

Included in Joe's family is his older brother Richard Humann, an internationally exhibited artist, who joined us on the day of our photoshoot and is featured in one of the photographs. Joe spends allot of time with his brother. Joe spends allot of time with his son Jared. Joe spends allot of time enjoying the things he loves. Joe spends allot of time being human.

Future installments of this blog may feature some plumbers and may even feature some millionaires. However, any Joe, Joseph, Jose, Joey, Joel, etc. will be far from average.

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NEXT WEEK: And Then There Was Joey

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